Le Gear works as an artist and Water Essence maker. She is an intuitive healer.  She has worked for the last 10 years creating water remedies for the land and for people.


Her first work teardrops in wonderscape can be seen here. 

After creating this work she wanted to explore the primal purity in water and she traveled to the Arctic in 2012 to see Icebergs. Meeting Icebergs for Ruth was like meeting the Dalai Lama for others; a sublime experience. She collected a number of samples of iceberg waters and over the last 5 years she has created a number of water essences from them. This work then brought her to Glenade, Irelands oldest Glacial lake where she made 7 essences from the waters of Glenade over 3 years. Water Senses is a publication that unveils this work and the connection of the iceberg remedies to Ireland.

She continues to do this land work as well as treating people with the essences which can now be purchased in the form of a water essence orb.

Distance healing and One to one treatments are also available with Ruth please email info@celestialaquatics.com to inquire.

She currently holds a studio at The Model in Sligo, Ireland.

Graham Reid grew up in South Africa. He studied architecture at Massachusetts College of Art, he took glassblowing as an elective and subsequently switched to sculptural glass. After returning to his ancestral roots in Ireland, he designed and built Knockbeg Glass Studios where he taught and blew glass under the name Glóine Eíreann. He has a flameworking and metal studio at home in  Sligo. His sculptural work is primarily concerned with expressing and manifesting the universal forces that surround us but are often invisible.

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