Wearable Waters for the Spiritual Being


Our jewelry is something more than just an accessory, the orbs are talismans. Our creations are from the most natural materials, glass, and water. Created in our home studio in the west of Ireland with love and intention.

Ruth's life work is to understand and communicate with water. She works with it in all its layers – from the tiny microorganisms that live in one drop to huge oceans and sea creatures, as well as lakes, rivers, clouds, mist, rain, sleet, hale, icebergs, and glaciers. Ruth and Graham live in the Northwest of Ireland and it rains there a lot, mostly pure North Atlantic water, swept up in the storms above Greenland and Iceland.


Magdalena fjord: Svalbard: Arctic essence

Collection point 79’33 N 011’02’ E

Overall this iceberg essence raises consciousness, grounds one, and brings clarity.

As an essence it holds space for your own innate healing to take place, it is very supportive.

It helps with deep grief which is held within the energetic system and allows it to be released in a very supportive way.

It brings a balance of fear and peace within oneself. It holds you like a hug allowing your own innate healing to take place.

There is an infinity of spirit that comes with this essence which eases interdependency. There is an aurora protection within this which acts like a soul shield enabling boundaries and personal space and allowing one to see the bigger picture. As an essence, it activates suspended pure light energy held within an individual releasing the light potential within oneself





Ruth makes essences from water. She has collected fragments of icebergs in the Arctic from a tall ship, wandered the desert of New Mexico exploring the droplets in the high altitute and stood on the tip of the Cape of Good Hope where the oceans meet. In these places and where ever she is, her intention is always to try to communicate with the water that is there, this most beautiful life-giving force of nature. Each body of water is totally unique. It has its own physical and spiritual history, its own mineral content, and its own unique vibration that it imparts on living beings that it encounters. If you've ever had a drink from a crystal clear mountain stream, and one from an ancient well or a swim in the sea, you will know that all water is not the same.