A most beautiful collaboration with my partner Graham Reid (grahamreiddesign.com).

We are making water remedy orbs together.

These orbs are hand blown in Ireland by glass artist Graham Reid. The orbs are a collaboration, each handmade vessel is uniquely made to hold water remedies collected from various water bodies.

The orbs can be worn to absorb the energy of the water remedies.

We will have a full set of remedy lists online soon but for now here is our most popular remedy.

These orbs hold the Magdalena water remedy was collected in 2012 while Ruth was on residency in the Arctic. Collection point

79’33' N 011’02’ E

This water orb raises consciousness, grounds one and brings clarity.As a remedy it holds space for your own innate healing to take place, it is very supportive.It is very connected to the whale and dolphin energies. It works with all the waters in the body. It is a stabiliser.

This water remedy orb works primarily on the mental body centers, excellent for stress and releasing tension held in the brain stem. This remedy aides critical thinking and decision making, an excellent essence to wear in times of major life transitions.

This remedy is a gently comforting, lasting embrace. People who work with light are highly likely to attract strong challenges from diverse and sometimes dark energies from time to time. As well as this there is the global situation which is increasingly shrouded in threatening shadows. This water remedy provides a soul shield protection on multiple levels while helping us to bring the light we carry within safely through with strength and certainty.

This water remedy very helpful for artists, healers and energy workers, it is very helpful to wear this remedy while working with clients or while doing land work.

Each water remedy orb is €120 plus postage.

Please email info@celestialaquatics.com for orders.

First orders ship on December 13