Celestial Aquatics embodies the collaborative artistry of Ruth Le Gear and Graham Reid.

As an artist and healer, Ruth crafts unique water essences sourced from diverse locales, from Arctic icebergs to the deserts of New Mexico and the Cape of Good Hope. Her profound connection to water extends to its physical and spiritual history, mineral content, and unique vibrations. Through her travels and intentional communication with water, she unravels the essence of each body of water, understanding its layers from micro-organisms to vast oceans.

In her North West Ireland studio, Ruth studies water samples, carefully unraveling their essence. Each essence captures the energetic imprint of a place, capable of treating emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual levels. Partnering with glassblower Graham Reid, Ruth transforms these essences into wearable waters. Graham crafts exquisite glass vessels to encapsulate the water essence, allowing them to be worn and experienced on a personal level. Explore the profound connection with water through Celestial Aquatics.

Please visit the CHOOSE YOUR ORB page to see a list of essences which you can purchase as Water Essence Orbs.

We are also happy to create custom orders with your sacred waters which you send to us.


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