Wearable Waters for the Spiritual Being

Wearable water orbs; Water Essences from Arctic Icebergs to the waters of Irish lakes and waterfalls created by Ruth Le Gear and Graham Reid. Ruth's work is at the confluence of art and healing; she has worked as a hybrid artist for the past 10 years.  She uses experiential and geographic research to express the innate power of water. Link to more info on Ruth from a recent interview.

Please visit the CHOOSE YOUR ORB page to see a list of Water Essences which you can purchase as Water Orbs.


The orbs are hand blown in Sligo Ireland by glass artist Graham Reid. Each glass vessel is uniquely created to hold a Water Essence.

Graham blows a glass vessel to hold the water essence, which is then sealed inside the glass, so they can be worn as wearable waters. They are suited to daily wear as well as special occasions. They are hand-blown borosilicate glass. Borosilicate glass is a durable form of glass with great clarity, light transfer properties, and heat resistance.





From one of our beautiful customers

"I work with young children and I wear my beautiful Orb daily. The Orb is like a magnet to the children who are drawn to it but I never worry about it as even though it is made of glass, the intricate workmanship makes it extremely robust"

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