Wearable Waters for the Spiritual Being

Looking for a truly unique form of wearable art?  Ruth creates stunning water essences, while Graham is a glass artist. Together, they have created amazing ‘wearable waters’, in the form of unique handmade Water Orb pendants.

Ruth has demonstrated extraordinary dedication in her quest to create water essences. She has collected water from icebergs in the Arctic, wandered the deserts of New Mexico, and stood on the tip of the Cape of Good Hope. Wherever Ruth’s journey takes her, her sole intention is to communicate with the life force of the water in that area. She explains, ‘Each body of water is totally unique. It has its own physical and spiritual history, its own mineral content, and its own unique vibration that it imparts on all living beings it encounters. If you’ve ever had a drink from a crystal clear mountain stream, or one from an ancient well, or experienced a swim in the sea, you will know that all water is not the same.’

Ruth’s life’s work is to understand and communicate with water. She loves all parts of it: the tiny micro-organisms that live in just one drop, the huge oceans and ocean creatures, lakes, rivers, clouds, mist, rain, sleet, hale, icebergs, and glaciers. She and Graham live on the northwest coast of Ireland, where rain is plentiful.

She says: ‘In my studio, I study the water samples that I’ve collected on my travels. And slowly, the essence of the water is unraveled. Then I take a small amount of the water, which holds all of its history and potential, and I make an essence.’

When this process is complete, Graham blows a glass vessel to hold the water essence, which is then sealed inside the glass, so they can be used as ‘wearable water’ pendants.  They have a flameworking and metal studio at home in Sligo.

Each and every glass Water Orb is handmade with love. After the orb has cooled, the Water Essence of your choice is placed in the orb and sealed inside with molten glass, which is also used to form the loop. Each orb comes on a 24″ pure sterling silver chain, and wrapped and packaged in an eco-friendly gift box.