Grounding, Healing, and Clarity: Magdalena Fjord Arctic Essence


Magdalena fjord: Svalbard: Arctic essence

Collection point 79’33 N 011’02’ E

Overall this iceberg essence raises consciousness, grounds one and brings clarity.


  • Innate Healing Support: As an essence it holds space for your own innate healing to take place, it is very supportive.
  • Emotional Release: Alleviate deep grief within the energetic system, allowing a supportive release.
  • Balance of Fear and Peace:It brings a balance of fear and peace within oneself. It holds you like a hug allowing your own innate healing to take place.
  • Spiritual Infinity: Experience an infinity of spirit, easing interdependency and providing aurora protection as a soul shield.
  • Whale and Dolphin Energies: Connected to these energies, it stabilizes and works with all waters in the body.
  • Clarity and Rest: Enhance mental clarity, combat fatigue, and enable deep rest, especially beneficial for healers and energy workers.
  • Stress Relief and Critical Thinking: Work with mental body centers, alleviate stress, release tension, aid critical thinking, and make decisions with ease.
  • Life Transitions Support: Navigate life transitions with grace, wearing this essence as a beacon of stability and support.

Ideal for healers and energy workers, wear this essence during work to enhance clarity and stability. Experience its stabilizing influence on the mental and emotional aspects, fostering relaxation and rest during times of fatigue and stress.

Magdalena Fjord Arctic Essence is a transformative journey toward grounding, healing, and profound clarity. Elevate your well-being and embrace the soothing energies of the Arctic with this exceptional essence.