Magdalena | Arctic Iceberg Water Essence


Magdalena fjord: Svalbard: Arctic essence

Collection point 79’33 N 011’02’ E

Overall this iceberg essence raises consciousness, grounds one and brings clarity.

As an essence it holds space for your own innate healing to take place, it is very supportive.

It helps with deep grief which is held within the energetic system and allows it to be released in a very supportive way.

It brings a balance of fear and peace within oneself. It holds you like a hug allowing your own innate healing to take place.

There is an infinity of spirit that comes with this essence which eases interdependency. There is an aurora protection within this which acts like a soul shield enabling boundaries and personal space and allowing one to see the bigger picture. As an essence, it activates suspended pure light energy held within an individual releasing the light potential within oneself.

This essence is very helpful for healers and energy workers to wear while working.

It is very connected to the whale and dolphin energies. It works with all the waters in the body. It is a stabilizer.

This essence helps to bring clarity to the mind. It helps with fatigue, exhaustion and enables deep rest.

As an essence, it works with the mental body centers, excellent for stress and releasing tension. It aides critical thinking and decision making. An excellent essence to use in times of life transitions.