Cronan’s well/ Tobar Chronain – Burren, Ireland.


St Cronan’s well/Tobar Chronain.

The small ruin of Temple Cronan Church, nestled in a hollow in this dramatic Burren landscape, is steeped in history. The site of a 12th-century monastic oratory, it is believed that there were much earlier buildings here, and there may have been a pagan temple in antiquity. The landscape of the Burren has been shaped by geological forces for hundreds of millions of years. The rocks that make up the Burren were all formed during the Carboniferous period between 359 and 299  million years ago.

The well is a simple spring. A large penitential cairn of unknown date is found beside the well within the enclosure.

The well is located at the base of a rock outcrop and defined by a dry-stone circular wall.

This essence brings a sense of softness and calms one, collected on the 18th of December 2018.

The overall feeling from this essence is ‘I am enough’, everything I need is already within me. This essence includes usnea lichen and water collected from the flow form in the vortex of the well. The waters in the well are extremely sensitive, a universal and harmonious concord of all possibilities.

Water is natures sense organ and as Theodor Schwenk states in Sensitive Chaos, ‘The formative boundary surfaces in flowing movement prove to be areas of sensitivity. They respond to the slightest changes in their surroundings by expanding and contracting or making rhythmical waves. Water creates an infinite variety of these surfaces and is therefore not merely an inert mass, as we usually think. It is interwoven countless sensitive membranes that are prepared to perceive everything taking place in the surroundings, Water is not enclosed within its inner surfaces but open to its surroundings and to all the stimuli and formative impulses from without.’

This essence is full of ancient knowledge and connection, it is for those with a strong resistance to change particularly when it comes to living from a place of awareness over effort, the heart over the head. It works with a perception of lack within one’s thoughts and allows one to flow more peacefully. It releases tensions held deep within the emotional body.

There is a huge connection to the elemental realm through this essence most likely through the symbiosis of the usnea collected, Usnea is a unique species because it is created through a symbiotic relationship between lichens and algae. Symbiosis refers to the living together of two different organisms.

This essence is helpful for those with an inability to speak which can come from depression, it is a calming gentle essence which allows your light to shine through.


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