Cronan’s well/ Tobar Chronain – Burren, Ireland.
Cronan’s well/ Tobar Chronain – Burren, Ireland.

St Cronan’s well/Tobar Chronain.

The small ruin of Temple Cronan Church, nestled in a hollow in this dramatic Burren landscape, is steeped in history. The site of a 12th-century monastic oratory, it is believed that there were much earlier buildings here, and there may have been a pagan temple in antiquity. The landscape of the Burren has been shaped by geological forces for hundreds of millions of years. The rocks that make up the Burren were all formed during the Carboniferous period between 359 and 299  million years ago.

The well is a simple spring. A large penitential cairn of unknown date is found beside the well within the enclosure.

The well is located at the base of a rock outcrop and defined by a dry-stone circular wall.

This essence brings a sense of softness and calms one, collected on the 18th of December 2018.

The overall feeling from this essence is ‘I am enough’, everything I need is already within me. This essence includes usnea lichen and water collected from the flow form in the vortex of the well. The waters in the well are extremely sensitive, a universal and harmonious concord of all possibilities.

Water is natures sense organ and as Theodor Schwenk states in Sensitive Chaos, ‘The formative boundary surfaces in flowing movement prove to be areas of sensitivity. They respond to the slightest changes in their surroundings by expanding and contracting or making rhythmical waves. Water creates an infinite variety of these surfaces and is therefore not merely an inert mass, as we usually think. It is interwoven countless sensitive membranes that are prepared to perceive everything taking place in the surroundings, Water is not enclosed within its inner surfaces but open to its surroundings and to all the stimuli and formative impulses from without.’

This essence is full of ancient knowledge and connection, it is for those with a strong resistance to change particularly when it comes to living from a place of awareness over effort, the heart over the head. It works with a perception of lack within one’s thoughts and allows one to flow more peacefully. It releases tensions held deep within the emotional body.

There is a huge connection to the elemental realm through this essence most likely through the symbiosis of the usnea collected, Usnea is a unique species because it is created through a symbiotic relationship between lichens and algae. Symbiosis refers to the living together of two different organisms.

This essence is helpful for those with an inability to speak which can come from depression, it is a calming gentle essence which allows your light to shine through.


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Nemnach – Hill of Tara – Ireland
Nemnach – Hill of Tara – Ireland


The site of this water collection is from a well called Nemnach (same root as nemeton, a sacred space of ancient Celtic times)  at south foot of the Hill Tara  – a truly pagan spring in a clump of whitethorn. Reputed to be the site of a Sídh-mound and also the place where Cormaic Mac Airt, king of Tara, had the first water mill inbuilt for Ciarnait. From it flows a stream called Níth (possibly from Sanskrit, ‘washed, purified’) which feeds into the Gabhra river which in turn feeds the River Boyne.

This water as an essence is the embodiment of fertility, not only in the sense of conception but also it’s the ability to enhance inner vitality in it’s deep elemental connection to the land and waters. It is a water essence of creativity which allows one to enter into sacred inner flow while remaining solidly rooted in the body, on this earth. This remedy brings the deep acknowledgment of the ancestors who have lived and breathed upon the land and all the elements the land supports.

This essence activates a pathway into the unfathomable depth of water’s wisdom, as well as the spirits of the land, which can ignite and inspire an abundance of innovativeness, originality, and expressiveness.

The colour green is associated with this essence, an essence of the heart. The earth gives forth life, your body gives forth new beginnings, filled with the energy of a calm loving heart, allowing your body to be in complete harmony with the earth.

There is a connection to the faerie realm through these waters.

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Custom Water Orb
Custom Water Orb

Custom orders

Send us the water you have collected. Your sacred waters – water that means something to you.

Water from a well, a stream, the sea – wearable waters from a time that you would like to bottle and keep next to your heart.

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Naab Water Essence – Germany
Naab Water Essence – Germany

The Naab is a river in Bavaria, Germany, and is a left tributary of the Danube.

Collection point 49.3199° N, 12.1091° E

The water essence created from the River Naab is an essence of movement and connection. The water essence of this place are for those who are stuck in inertia, a tendency to do nothing or to remain unchanged. It is also for those who are disconnected from life or ambivalent towards it. The colour associated with this essence is orange.

Its purpose is movement and connection and its identity is on the physical plane. Its demon is fear. By wearing this essence you begin to sensate, to explore the world and move.

It is very connected to the dragon energies; a symbol of transmutation, energy and mastery.

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Water Senses Publication
Water Senses Publication

Water Senses is a boxed publication by artist Ruth Le Gear which contains a unique water remedy, booklet, series of postcards and a map. First edition print of 100.

My practice involves an engagement and meditation with the landscape, through the creation of water remedies. This work has emerged from the outcomes of research, collaboration and fieldwork based around water and its memories held within Glenade Lough; listening to the mystical, mythical and metaphysical forces that act upon and interact with water on Earth.
My intention was to convey a narrative from the waters perspective. I distilled this ephemeral environment through the creation of water remedies made from the Lough. The Lough has many stories that are layered upon it and are held within the valley that is known as the Jealous Valley. Myth is power of the place speaking. I made a series of water remedies from the Lough, which holds the energy of all the people that the water has encountered, the last brown bears of Ireland, the story of the dobhar-chú and so much more.

My process involves serial dilutions with water, which form tiny poetic time machines where each individual water sample is explored to see what is held within. These explorations are translated into moving image, photography and the remedies for the water as well as for the land and then people. This is my process, and over the last number of years I have been working with the waters of Glenade and creating water remedies from the Lough.

Water seems ordinary. It is everywhere, in our bodies, in the lakes, rivers and the sea, and falling from the sky, which happens quite a lot in North Leitrim. It can slip through our fingers yet hold up a boat. It is a profoundly underrated substance.

I wish to take you on a journey to become part of the water, to listen to the whispers of stories yet untold from this place. My first journey was a physical one on an expedition to the Arctic where the power and importance of water is vastly apparent in the sublime landscape, and which I had to continually remind myself was real. It was manifested in the great glaciers, icebergs and seas of the Arctic. These unmapped spaces simulate spiritual sublimities. My second journey is one within the waters of Glenade Lough in North Leitrim, one of Ireland’s oldest glacial lakes.

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