Solar Solace
Solar Solace

Unlock a harmonious connection with the cosmos and find respite amidst intense solar periods with our Solar Solace Water Essence Orb. Crafted over years with precision, this elemental essence is designed to alleviate brain fog and fatigue commonly experienced during heightened solar activity, including solar flares.

Carefully curated from various water bodies in the serene Northwest of Ireland and collected under the mesmerizing Aurora in the Arctic, Solar Solace Water Essence captures the essence of these celestial locations. This unique blend serves as a soothing integrator of energies, grounding you and fostering clarity during intense cosmic events.


  • Relieves brain fog and tiredness associated with solar periods.
  • Integrates and harmonizes energies during intense celestial influences.
  • Brings mental clarity and a sense of calmness.

Usage: Wear it as an orb to replenish and harmonize your body’s energy centers, promoting a serene mental state despite external cosmic influences. Alternatively, enhance your bath water or drinking water jug with this essence for an immersive and revitalizing experience.

Experience the Essence: Solar Solace Water Essence Orb becomes your invaluable companion, offering solace and renewed energy. Navigate through cosmic turbulence with ease, staying focused, grounded, and alert. Embrace the celestial dance of the universe and bask in the soothing qualities of Solar Solace. Rediscover balance and clarity with each wear and experience the transformative power of this celestial remedy.

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Ancient Wisdom and Elemental Connection
Ancient Wisdom and Elemental Connection

St. Cronan’s Well Essence

The Burren, Ireland.

Embark on a journey of ancient wisdom and elemental connection with our St. Cronan’s Well Essence. Collected from the serene 12th-century monastic site nestled in the breathtaking Burren landscape, this essence encapsulates the essence of ‘I am enough,’ promoting softness and calmness within.

The small ruin of Temple Cronan Church, holding echoes of a 12th-century monastic oratory and possibly a pagan temple in antiquity, sets the stage for this essence. The well, a simple spring defined by a dry-stone circular wall, is situated at the base of a rock outcrop, beside the ruins of the Temple Cronan.


  • Softness and Calmness: Immerse yourself in a profound sense of softness and calmness, embracing the mantra ‘I am enough.’
  • Ancient Wisdom and Connection: Enriched with usnea lichen and water from the well’s vortex, this essence carries ancient knowledge and a deep connection to the elemental realm.
  • Release of Tensions: Release tensions held deep within the emotional body, allowing for a peaceful flow and transformation.
  • Symbiosis of Lichens and Algae: Discover the unique symbiotic relationship between lichens and algae, enhancing the essence’s connection to the elemental realm.
  • Support for Change: Ideal for those resistant to change, it works with a perception of lack, promoting a harmonious transition from head to heart awareness.

The Wisdom of Water: Quoting Theodor Schwenk’s “Sensitive Chaos,” this essence reflects the wisdom of water as a sensitive sense organ, responding rhythmically to its surroundings. It unveils the openness of water to stimuli and formative impulses, creating a harmonious concord of all possibilities.

Connection to the Elemental Realm: With a profound connection to the elemental realm, likely through the symbiosis of the collected usnea, this essence is a conduit for ancient knowledge and transformative energies.

Calming Essence for Expression: Beneficial for those with an inability to speak due to depression, St. Cronan’s Well Essence acts as a calming, gentle force, allowing your inner light to shine through.

Experience the tranquility, wisdom, and transformative power of St. Cronan’s Well Essence—a product that goes beyond its physical form to connect you with the rich history and natural energies of this sacred site.

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Fertility, Creativity, Elemental Connection
Fertility, Creativity, Elemental Connection

Immerse yourself in the sacred waters of Nemnach Well Essence, collected at the south foot of the Hill Tara. A truly pagan spring with roots in ancient Celtic times, this essence embodies fertility and creativity, fostering a deep elemental connection to the land and waters. Dive into the inner flow while remaining rooted, acknowledging the spirits of the land and the wisdom of the ancestors. Experience the color green, associated with the heart, and embrace the harmony between your body and the earth. A gateway to water’s wisdom and the faerie realm, this essence ignites innovativeness, originality, and expressiveness.

 Nemnach Well Essence

Unlock the transformative powers of Nemnach Well Essence, collected at the south foot of the Hill Tara—a truly pagan spring with roots in ancient Celtic times. From this clump of whitethorn flows the stream Níth, possibly rooted in Sanskrit meaning ‘washed, purified,’ feeding into the Gabhra river and eventually the River Boyne.


  • Embodiment of Fertility: Experience the essence of fertility, not just in conception but also in enhancing inner vitality through a deep elemental connection to the land and waters.
  • Creativity Activation: Enter into a sacred inner flow while remaining rooted, unleashing creativity that flows from the land and ancestors.
  • Acknowledgment of Ancestors: This remedy brings a deep acknowledgment of the ancestors who have lived and breathed upon the land, connecting to the elements it supports.
  • Pathway to Water’s Wisdom: Activate a pathway into the unfathomable depth of water’s wisdom, embracing the spirits of the land, and inspiring innovativeness, originality, and expressiveness.
  • Heart Connection: Associated with the color green, this essence is linked to the heart, promoting a calm, loving heart and harmonizing your body with the earth.
  • Connection to the Faerie Realm: Feel the enchantment of the faerie realm through the sacred waters of Nemnach Well, enhancing your connection to the mystical and magical.

Immerse yourself in the essence of Nemnach Well—a piece of jewellery that goes beyond the physical, connecting you to ancient Celtic roots, the fertility of the land, and the magic of the faerie realm. Experience a transformative journey into creativity, wisdom, and elemental connection.

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Custom Water Orb
Custom Water Orb

Custom orders

Send us the water you have collected. Your sacred waters – water that means something to you.

Water from a well, a stream, the sea – wearable waters from a time that you would like to bottle and keep next to your heart.


Send us your sacred waters and we shall make a unique orb for you!

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Naab Water Essence – Germany
Naab Water Essence – Germany

The Naab is a river in Bavaria, Germany, and is a left tributary of the Danube.

Collection point 49.3199° N, 12.1091° E

The water essence created from the River Naab is an essence of movement and connection. The water essence of this place are for those who are stuck in inertia, a tendency to do nothing or to remain unchanged. It is also for those who are disconnected from life or ambivalent towards it. The colour associated with this essence is orange.

Its purpose is movement and connection and its identity is on the physical plane. Its demon is fear. By wearing this essence you begin to sensate, to explore the world and move.

It is very connected to the dragon energies; a symbol of transmutation, energy and mastery.

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