Nemnach – Hill of Tara – Ireland



The site of this water collection is from a well called Nemnach (same root as nemeton, a sacred space of ancient Celtic times)  at south foot of the Hill Tara  – a truly pagan spring in a clump of whitethorn. Reputed to be the site of a Sídh-mound and also the place where Cormaic Mac Airt, king of Tara, had the first water mill inbuilt for Ciarnait. From it flows a stream called Níth (possibly from Sanskrit, ‘washed, purified’) which feeds into the Gabhra river which in turn feeds the River Boyne.

This water as an essence is the embodiment of fertility, not only in the sense of conception but also it’s the ability to enhance inner vitality in it’s deep elemental connection to the land and waters. It is a water essence of creativity which allows one to enter into sacred inner flow while remaining solidly rooted in the body, on this earth. This remedy brings the deep acknowledgment of the ancestors who have lived and breathed upon the land and all the elements the land supports.

This essence activates a pathway into the unfathomable depth of water’s wisdom, as well as the spirits of the land, which can ignite and inspire an abundance of innovativeness, originality, and expressiveness.

The colour green is associated with this essence, an essence of the heart. The earth gives forth life, your body gives forth new beginnings, filled with the energy of a calm loving heart, allowing your body to be in complete harmony with the earth.

There is a connection to the faerie realm through these waters.


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