Solar Solace


Unlock a harmonious connection with the cosmos and find respite amidst intense solar periods with our Solar Solace Water Essence Orb. Crafted over years with precision, this elemental essence is designed to alleviate brain fog and fatigue commonly experienced during heightened solar activity, including solar flares.

Carefully curated from various water bodies in the serene Northwest of Ireland and collected under the mesmerizing Aurora in the Arctic, Solar Solace Water Essence captures the essence of these celestial locations. This unique blend serves as a soothing integrator of energies, grounding you and fostering clarity during intense cosmic events.


  • Relieves brain fog and tiredness associated with solar periods.
  • Integrates and harmonizes energies during intense celestial influences.
  • Brings mental clarity and a sense of calmness.

Usage: Wear it as an orb to replenish and harmonize your body’s energy centers, promoting a serene mental state despite external cosmic influences. Alternatively, enhance your bath water or drinking water jug with this essence for an immersive and revitalizing experience.

Experience the Essence: Solar Solace Water Essence Orb becomes your invaluable companion, offering solace and renewed energy. Navigate through cosmic turbulence with ease, staying focused, grounded, and alert. Embrace the celestial dance of the universe and bask in the soothing qualities of Solar Solace. Rediscover balance and clarity with each wear and experience the transformative power of this celestial remedy.