Solar Solace


Solar Solace Water Essence is an Elemental Essence that provides relief from brain fog and tiredness experienced during intense solar periods, such as solar flares. These celestial events can have various effects on our bodies and minds due to the increased influx of solar energy.

The essence has been years in the making, created from various water bodies in the Northwest of Ireland carefully added to waters collected in the Arctic under the Aurora. This essence is a soothing integrator of the energies and helps one to ground and integrate during the intense periods. It brings clarity.

During intense solar periods, people often report feeling fatigued, mentally scattered, or experiencing difficulty concentrating—commonly referred to as brain fog. The Solar Solace Water Essence aims to alleviate these symptoms by restoring balance to the mind and body and spirit.

When worn as an orb, the essence helps to replenish and harmonize the body’s energy centers, promoting a sense of calm and mental clarity. Its soothing qualities help individuals navigate through the challenges of solar flares with more ease, allowing them to stay focused, grounded, and alert despite the external cosmic influences.

Additionally, it can be used placing it in your bath water or into your drinking water jug.

Solace Water Essence becomes an invaluable companion for those seeking respite from the cosmic turbulence, providing a sense of solace and renewed energy to embrace the celestial dance of the universe.