Glenade Equinoxes Water Orb – Ireland.


Equinoxes occur when the sun crosses the celestial equator in its seasonal migration. This occurs twice a year. The Vernal equinox is in late March and the Autumnal one is in late September. This essence has been made from waters of both equinoxes. A balance of dark and light. This essence is deeply linked to the Dobharchu story and the darkness we can feel around death and depression. There is a transformation within this remedy however almost like a shapeshifter. One must be wary of the darkness that balances our light but we cannot be light without the dark. This essence helps with the inner transformation and shift of the darkness into light. It can help to lift the grief for lost places of your past, a place that you cannot return to, a place that perhaps never was. These waters historic experiences and private stories of loss are held within the valley. Through this essence, there is a transcendence of physical and mental barriers and limitations that resonates with the past and gently evokes the future. It brings new meaning to a place that would have become stagnated in inertia. These remembered local landscapes, the waters, are the messengers of the excluded and perhaps the forgotten. This essence brings a hope for a better tomorrow, transferred through this process of serial dilution to release aspects of space and time.