Solar Eclipse Water Orb – Ireland.


Collection point: Glenade lake, Leitrim, Ireland

Latitude : 54 22′ 02”  Longitude : -8 16′ 18”


Water as mediators between Earth and Cosmos. On the morning of March 20, 2015, a near-total solar eclipse was visible from Ireland. Over 90% of the Sun was be obscured as the Moon passes between it and the Earth. The eclipse started at 8:24am, reached maximum eclipse at 9:28am, and finished at 10:36am. Waters were collected from Glenade Lough through the reflection of the eclipse. This essence helps one to become more aware of their spiritual path. It helps to release pain that we are holding; there can be a fear in releasing known pain and a fear of the lightness of our being. Eclipses can give
 us the benefits a reevaluation of our life and awareness to see what we might need to let go. We may experience fear, worry, tendency to complain and whine, sensitivity and hyper reaction to “injustice”. We should be aware of our own emotions and those of the others and realize that the behaviour of others might not be what they really mean. The situations we encounter around the eclipse time tempt us to react negatively, create a conflict, or argue. The best position is to be a witness. An eclipse can be considered to be a door that breaks our bond with the past. We currently use our senses to interpret nature, and not in the way I feel nature had first evolved: to act as receivers, permitting us to stand back within the presence, the potentiality for the vibrational expression of matter and to feel and receive and relish the sounds, smells, sights, tastes and touch of all that is. Anticipating the presence of an observer to engage in a co-creative dance within a transitional sea of potentiality, a potentiality that forms the core of the Earth. Although we are tiny, we feel the Universe.