Civaux – La Vienne water essence


Civaux – La Vienne 46°26’46.7″N 0°40’22.3″E

46.446303, 0.672847


Civaux, the waters taken on the northwest bank of the river Vienne just at the entrance to the village. Civaux is an ancient Celtic/pagan shrine and pilgrimage site (Rue de La Biche) and just north of the ancient Roman town of Lussac Les Chateaux which is surrounded my Mesolithic, Neolithic, Magdelenien and Neanderthal cave, ritual, and living sites. These have been overlaid by ancient shrines to Celtic goddesses, Roman goddesses, and then to Christ. The site at Civaux was just this, a celtic, then Roman and then a Christian religious site. The Church at Civaux contains one of the few representations of the Melusine herself. In the 1980s the site was selected as the site for a large nuclear reactor/power plant, as a quiet waterside village (the river water is used to help cool the twin towers), and to everyone’s astonishment, a huge cemetery, built-in Merovingian times: the third and 4th centuries AD was, uncovered. Over 4 km long and with in excess of 4,000 stone sarcophagi. A staggering site. As an addition to the nuclear power station, a crocodile farm and aquatic center with 50-meter diving pool was additionally built also utilising the abundance of hot water from the towers. It is indeed an awesome site.



This essence is all by thought consciousness, Understanding. The identity is universal.

It’s demon would be attachment and in its development, it would be about the assimilation of knowledge and the development of wisdom. Its purpose is understanding, consciousness, awareness, belief systems, and transcendence. The ability to perceive and be aware to be open minded and question, a greater sense of spirituality and broader understanding. In its trauma, it would manifest as blind obedience, misinformation, education that towards curiosity. This essence allows one to reestablish the physical and emotional connection with spirit to examine one belief to examine, to examine one’s beliefs and to develop an inner witness.

I am I am whole, complete and total unto myself, everything and everyone is part of myself. It is all perfect. The body is totally at rest. And still, the energy is quiet and calm. The mind is clear and empty here totally aware. Life is it is an all as well.


In collaboration with Sally Annett