San Juan Water Essence – New Mexico


San Juan Essence: For deep physical pain which comes from the polluted waters in all its forms, the pain of watching one’s water source become polluted, the pain one would feel after drinking it or washing in it.

Its strong heart-based essence helps release your fears, which are sometimes disguised as toxic emotions like anger or resentment.

There is a mix of Cedar from a ceremony in this essence.

Cedar Essence: Hope embodied. It is an essence of transformation to be used on the land as well as for people. It helps to lift off dark and heavy thoughts and feelings and to bring a lightness to your being. It is also for those who listen but do not hear. It is a spinal essence for ascending energy and brings structural support to the body as well as the soil.

This water was collected while traveling with the Land Arts of the American West Program, as part of the University of NewMexico’s Art & Ecology Program. At that time the artists of Land Arts were staying with the Dine people and had the great fortune of getting to work with and learn from indigenous elders and educators.

While there, we learned of an environmental catastrophe that occurred in August 2015, when workers from the US Environmental Protection Agency mistakenly punctured a holding tank of mine tailings at the Gold King Mine in Silverton, Colorado, releasing over 3 million gallons of toxic waste into the Animas River, a tributary of the San Juan River that runs through Navajo Nation and nourishes all aspects of life. The spill greatly damaged the environment, as the released waste contained thousands of pounds of dangerous and highly toxic heavy metals.

The impact was felt deeply by the local indigenous Diné people, who not only rely on the San Juan River for drinkingand crop irrigation but also view water as a living being integral to their community and way of life. As farms went fallow and losses accrued on the Navajo Nation, their very spiritual belief system and world view were compromised because they were not able to use water from the river.


When making an essence take a small amount of the water, which holds all of its history and potential, and make an essence. I make the essences by taking a drop of the water and adding it to 100 drops of pure distilled rainwater. It is how the energetics of the place can be felt, and come forth. Turning the water into an essence makes it capable of treating the emotional, mental physical, and spiritual levels.

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