Winter Solstice Water Orb – Glenade, Ireland.


There is a stillness to the winter solstice, a deep exhale that allows one to contemplate the silence. This essence is about listening, silence and everything that an exhale allows; a letting go, particularly of judgment and control. This essence is very helpful when holding space for other people or the landscape without trying to have any influence over the outcome. When we hold space for others, we can open our hearts, offer unconditional support, and let go of judgment and control. This essence is for those who prefer protected safe places that you can control wherever possible. This means that you generally don’t like people coming over uninvited and that you have firm internal rules about what is a safe place, and what isn’t. Your idea of safety can be quite stringent compared to that of others and is often anchored more to protected places, than to certain people. In addition, you will regularly seek out seclusion in order to find nourishment, wisdom or energy. Conditions are optimum when your safe place is also a space where you are guaranteed seclusion. The essence which is best worn around your neck when needed for long periods, allows for this feeling of safe space to be with you in the more trying times.