Glenade Water And Moss Water Orb – Ireland.


Collection point: Glenade lake, Leitrim, Ireland

Latitude : 54 22′ 02”  Longitude : -8 16′ 18”

Glenade water and moss – clearing the energy of a stone trying to float. This essence is especially helpful for those who work with energy. It helps to clear old unwanted patterns quickly and to integrate new patterns that are emerging. The essence allows your own innate healing powers to do their work with ease and it holds space for you. There is a primal purity in the remedy that activates the suspended pure light energy held within an individual and helps the soul to return to a state of innocent purity and peace. When we hide things from others then can become hidden from ourselves (hiding tears or pain and grief). This essence helps one to listen to their intuition and stops one from becoming stuck in repeated thinking. The moss brings a new clarity and deep clear mental energy that is calm yet energized. It works deeply on the sinuses and spine and helps to clear viruses. It is a powerful awakener and brings one on an inner journey, allowing one to be in the now, to be in time. It allows one to feel free and play in the flow