Glacial Glenade Water Orb – Ireland


Collection point: Glenade lake, Leitrim, Ireland

Latitude : 54 22′ 02”  Longitude : -8 16′ 18”

This essence is all about awareness over effort. It is for those who are unable to function in society due to overwhelming emotion; for those who are depressed, and have a fear of illness. It helps to hold the essence when you are so low in energy that you can’t think or speak or even seem to feel. It helps to wear the remedy when you feel like you are losing your mind, losing grounding within one’s soul being. It helps those who are stagnant, who are stuck and have no flow, having lost one’s sparkle. It is for people who cannot be inside, who need to be outdoors in nature. It is also for those who feel like they can’t get clean which is generally linked to parasites in the system. It is for when you are feeling really full and have a desire to be alone. The world is too much to bear sometimes for light beings. There is a deep chest pain with this heartache.