Nowy Port Water Orb – Gdansk, Poland.


This the vibrational essence of Nowy Port, Gdansk.

This essence is a gently comforting, lasting embrace. It creates a calm and a quiet joy.

Nowy port water essence holds the most encompassing joy. As an essence it holds you like a hug, and allows your own innate healing powers to take place, for wherever it is that you need.

Nowy Port water essence brings a lightness to your being, it is an instant pink light. It brings awareness for a need to control others. It brings an awareness that the divine feminine is coming out of us all, it is not something to strive for or be attained.

It helps to release hard heavy unforgiving thoughts and feelings. It is like being wrapped in a pink shawl made of light. It works to release militant and unloving thought forms, it shines a light on mind programs and repeated thinking of heavy thoughts, it helps your heart to become centered in a state of love. The ultraviolet wavelength works to sooth unresolved behavioral difficulties while helping the body to ease pent-up, unexpressed emotions.

This essence can help support the stressful process of moving or re-homing, and can also assist the homeless, or those who choose a lifestyle of roaming and drifting, to feel more supported, stable and connected.

Nowy Port is ideal for those who are drifting from place to place, who have no place to call home, and who feel pow­er­less to direct their lives. It heightens aware­ness of inner strength, pro­motes a sense of ­con­tent­ment with the present moment, and encour­ages peace of mind, even during times of tran­si­tion and change. The Nowy Port essence helps us create a sense of being at home any­where on the planet by helping us master the qual­i­ties of flex­i­bility and adap­ta­tion. It is through an aware­ness and accep­tance of the per­fec­tion of each present moment that we are able to access the sup­port and energy we need, wher­ever we are, and trans­late this into strength and sta­bility in our daily lives.

It is also for those who live their lives in iso­la­tion from others, and who often feel sep­a­rate and detached from their sur­round­ings and even from the planet. This alien­ation can be the result of a dif­fi­cult birth or a weak connection with the birth mother which led to a lack of nur­turing during early child­hood. It can help people who have lost their homes for financial reasons, or due to cat­a­strophic events, reclaim their inner sense of belonging and their con­nec­tion with the planet. This will make it easier for them to find a new place to live or re-inhabit their existing home after the damage has been repaired.


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