Feminine Empowerment and Rooted Healing


Tobernalt Holy Well Sligo
Tobernalt—the Well of the Cliff—between Carns Hill and Lough Gill

There is a deep shift to the feminine with the essence, a profound clearing of the patriarchal energy and a standing in ones own power. The darker side of the feminine, the dark moon, the womb energy, the transformation in our bodies and breath. This is a potent mystical force that is not to be feared.

This essence is about the foundations of your roots, the body. Grounding nourishment and trust within one self. It can help one to be confortable in their body and to feel safe and secure. There is a stability that emerges from wearing the essence.

“The well rises from a powerful and fast-flowing spring, and it’s water is said to have healing properties with cures for both eyesight and madness. The origins of the ‘madness’ cure may has something to do with Maeve the Goddess of Knocknarea, whose name means ‘The Intoxicating One’, or possibly the legends of Sweeney the Mad King who is associated with the Cailleach at Sliabh Dá Eán to the south.”

Inherited traumas are helped to release and a reconnection with the physical body comes through, touch and a connection to oneself through gentle movement such as yoga.
Reclaiming the right to be here, in our bodies and recognizing what a gift from spirit this is.

There can be a fear of being out of control, to change, to manipulate to have it our way and to fix,this can also appear as one being manipulated , constantly giving in, following others and being the victim. Fear or paranoia can cause the chi to descend, resulting in kidney and lower back issues where emotions are ever present.

It helps one to be immersed in abundance and love ones body with trust and wisdom.