Love, Balance, and Transformation


Fairy Glen well water essence – Knocknarae Sligo

Unlock the magical essence of Fairy Glen Well Water from Knocknarae, Sligo, with our transformative Fairy Glen Well Water Essence. Nestled beside the sacred hill of Knocknarea, this enchanting essence blends survival and self-definition, offering a profound journey of love, balance, and transformation.


  • Love and Balance: Immerse yourself in the essence of love, balance, and self-acceptance, fostering intimacy and compassion within.
  • Societal Harmony: Address societal challenges, transforming antisocial tendencies, withdrawal, criticism, and loneliness. Unveil a balanced perspective on life.
  • Grief Transformation: Navigate deep grief within, transforming unacknowledged sorrow from divorce, death, loveless environments, conditional love, and betrayal.
  • Infinite Love: Connect with an infinite supply of love, creating ripples that harmonize your inner world and resonate outwards, fostering harmony with others.
  • Transformation of Fire: Experience a deeply transformative essence of fire, defining the self and establishing autonomy.
  • Security and Protection: Meet the yearning for security, safety, and the ability to protect, fostering a sense of safety in both the world and within oneself.
  • Fear Transformation: Confront fears of engagement with true love and magic, unlocking the potential for a life free from fear.

Inspired by the magical valley near Knocknarea, as described by William Bulfin in 1903, this glen is a wondrously romantic anomaly of nature. Thickly wooded, narrow, and deep, it holds an enchanting quality that connects with the spirits of Knocknarea, making it a mystical and transformative space.

Unveil the transformative magic within yourself with Fairy Glen Well Water Essence. It’s more than a piece of jewellery ; it’s an invitation to explore love, balance, and self-transformation. Embrace the enchantment of Fairy Glen and embark on a journey towards a harmonious and empowered life.