Light, Effervescent, Cosmic Memory


Hawaii Waters Essence

Embark on a transformative journey with our Hawaii Waters Essence—a radiant infusion of light, effervescence, and cosmic memory. This ethereal essence captures the joyous energy of the sea waves, collected in a sacred ceremony by Grandmothers and gifted for your well-being.


  • Light and Effervescent: Experience the sparkling essence of Hawaii Waters, mirroring the bubbles in the sea waves—a symphony of absolute joy and healing energy.
  • Reflection on Loss: Contemplate the ephemeral nature of life, allowing the essence to guide you through a delicate sense of loss, unveiling a burst of brilliance amid contemporary challenges.
  • Transition to Crone: Embrace the truly female energy that supports your journey to Cronehood with wisdom and joy. Work with the heart center, releasing energies no longer needed and fostering a deep self-belief.
  • Sensory Perception and Judgment: Explore themes of sensory perception and judgment within this essence, bridging the realms between the vale of tears and the gathering place.
  • Born Through Volcanic Waters: Infused with the sensual energy of volcanic waters, this essence brings forth cosmic memories, offering a cosmic journey through rising energy.

Born through volcanic waters in Hawaii, this essence holds the wisdom of Grandmothers and the cosmic memory of the sea. Its effervescent nature mirrors the joy of the waves meeting the land, bringing forth a burst of brilliance—a healing light in a hazy apparition.

Immerse yourself in the cosmic feminine energy and wisdom of Hawaii Waters Essence, allowing it to guide you through transitions, illuminate your path, and bring joy to your soul. It’s more than a product; it’s a luminous journey into the heart of Hawaii’s sacred waters