Hawaii Water Essence


The Hawaii waters are light and effervescent and sparkly, a very light essence in all its meanings.

It is almost like the bubbles in the wave of the sea, the absolute joy of the energy coming to meet the land. These waters were collected by Grandmothers in ceremony and were gifted to me to create this essence.

The contradiction of a remedy made from water and diluted with itself presents interesting questions around the uses and permutations of a landscape whose energy-fields mediate and co-exist with the human body.

This essence reflects on the ephemeral and delicate sense of loss, causing us to contemplate on the 
contemporary environment we find ourselves in. We are living in world where we only see the tip of the iceberg, big energy in little spaces. Somehow there is a vivid burst of brilliance, like fireworks, a healing light in a hazy apparition.

This elemental essence is truly female energy, it supports one through the transition to Crone with wisdom and joy. It works with the heart center, a powerful female essence to allow things no longer needed in ones energy field to just drop away. It brings about a deep belief within oneself. Sensory perception and judgment are themes within this essence.

It bridges the place between the vale of tears and the gathering place.


Being born through volcanic waters in Hawaii this essence is a sensual essence and brings through a cosmic memory through the rising energy.