Atlantic seawater esssence

Collection point – Skelligs, Co. Kerry

This essence encompasses the themes of connecting with ancient origins, fostering self-realization, and addressing feelings of separation, rejection, or abandonment. The essence helps to guide individuals towards a harmonious understanding of themselves, promoting compassion, love, and a sense of purpose.

Sea water holds an ancestral connection, providing a link to the mastery of ancient origins and potentials from other times. This potent essence serves as a catalyst for self-realization, offering tranquility and balance. It fosters empathy, particularly for individuals who may feel alone, rejected, or abandoned, experiencing a sense of separation from oneself and ancient timelines.

Originating from the sea at Skelligs, Co. Kerry, Ireland, this salt water remedy embodies compassion and love, with a focus on fostering a deep sense of connection and acceptance, especially towards oneself.