Arctic Seawater Orb


Longyearbyen Sea Water  78’14’ N 015′ 36′ E  Arctic seawater essence.

This essence activates suspended pure light energy held within an individual and helps to return the soul to a state of innocence, purity and peace.

Harmonises the etheric cycles with those same cycles in nature.

Stubborn | relaxing balance.

Modern consciousness | letting go of old systems.

The female | male balance of energies.

It is very helpful for those suffering a miscarriage of justice.

This essence on a physical level is all about your circadian rhythm | living within the code of nature | sleep disturbances.

Body temperature regulation.

Nocturnal essence

Bad dreams – unknown astral travelling.

Night Terrors.

Excessive perspiration at night.

Jet Lag |Brings the body into local time.


When making an essence I take a small amount of the water, which holds all of its history and potential, and make the essence by taking a drop of the water and adding it to 100 drops of pure rainwater. It is how the energetics of the place can be felt, and come forth. Turning the water into an essence makes it capable of treating the emotional, mental physical, and spiritual levels. I have chosen to do it this way not only for its energetic properties but also because the Earth’s water and natural environment are so precious.

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