Calving Glacier Arctic Essence Orb


Calving Glacier – Instant light – Krossfjord |Arctic

79.1500° N, 11.7500° E

This essence brings instant light to an individual. People who work with light in its various forms are highly likely to attract strong challenges from diverse and sometimes dark energies from time to time. This essence very helpful for those that seem to take on the energy or emotions of others.

This essence provides a soul shield protection on multiple levels while helping us to bring the light we carry within safely through with strength and certainty.

It is particularly helpful for practitioners/ therapists/counsellors.

It allows a letting go of social and religious conditioning.

Breaking of repeated karmic patterns, very quickly.

It is a very ancient essence that brings a primal purity to one.

It was made at the moment of the formation of an iceberg, which is releasing the past and bearing witness to the last phase of life. It is an essence for transformation.

It is also very helpful to those that are in hospice care and for those looking after loved ones who are very ill.


When making an essence I take a small amount of the water, which holds all of its history and potential, and make the essence by taking a drop of the water and adding it to 100 drops of pure rainwater. It is how the energetics of the place can be felt, and come forth. Turning the water into an essence makes it capable of treating the emotional, mental physical, and spiritual levels. I have chosen to do it this way not only for its energetic properties but also because the Earth’s water and natural environment are so precious.

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