Instant light – Calving Glacier


Calving Glacier Arctic Essence Orb


Instant Light – Calving Glacier – Krossfjord, Arctic

Collection point: 79.1500° N, 11.7500° E


This essence brings an instant lightness, especially beneficial for those working with light in its diverse forms, often encountering challenges from various, occasionally darker energies. Ideal for individuals who absorb the energy or emotions of others.


Providing a multi-layered soul shield protection, it empowers us to navigate and preserve the inner light with strength and certainty. Tailored for practitioners, therapists, and counsellors, it facilitates release from social and religious conditioning.


Rapidly breaking free from repetitive karmic patterns, this ancient essence instils primal purity. Originating at the moment of an iceberg’s formation, symbolizing the release of the past and witnessing the concluding phase of life, it serves as a catalyst for transformation.


Invaluable for hospice care and for those caring for seriously ill loved ones, this essence offers solace and support.