Raudfjord Iceberg Essence – Arctic


Raudfjord Iceberg Essence

79’44’ N 012’12’ E

Brings in and releases pure light energy within the person, this essence is particularly masculine.

This essence works with dryness, particularly on the head. It works with all skin conditions and those unable to stay hydrated even though one drinks a lot of water

The balance of heaviness and lightness. Dark and Light within oneself

It helps to release

This essence is a gently comforting, lasting embrace. It holds you like a hug and allows your own innate healing powers to do the healing.

There is a lot of talk about pure feminine vibration but not enough about the male, this essence helps to open up the pure potential of masculine energy on this planet.


When making an essence take a small amount of the water, which holds all of its history and potential, and make an essence. I make the essences by taking a drop of the water and adding it to 100 drops of pure filtered rainwater. It is how the energetics of the place can be felt, and come forth. Turning the water into an essence makes it capable of treating the emotional, mental physical, and spiritual levels.

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